Welcome to Digi Land, home to an eclectic mix of real people and virtual pets. Our small online community is centered around an appreciation for creative works and the whimsical fun of raising fictional critters. Although the majority of us may be deemed "too old" for pet games in the real world, we fear not, because in Digi Land, nobody is ever "too old" for anything.

Digis is a tight-knit community, and we invite you to enjoy the fun! However, each Digis user is fully expected to show level-headedness, maturity, and adequate grammatical skills. By enforcing these guidelines, Digis retains the peaceful equilibrium of carefree silliness with sophistication.

Digis' staff consists of a passionate lot that encourages members to speak their mind and let their imagination shine. Digis is run as a side project and beloved hobby. Updates tend to accumulate very slowly, and bug fixes can take time. Please keep this in mind if you choose to join.